Collection: Clip on and adjustable accessories for pets

Clip on to a collar, leash, harness. Sizes are small, medium and large.

Gorgeous pieces made with a mix of faux leather, felt, buttons, rhinestone end randomly chose embellishments.

Clip on accessory is not intended to be use on your pet’s fur.

This is not a toy. Pets must be supervised at all time while wearing accessories.

Choose from size small, medium and large.

Size small fits well on cats and small dog breeds. For example chihuahua and teacup/toy  poodle.

 Adjustable also available in size :

small: fits cats and small dog breed with neck size between 7” to 12”

medium : fits neck size between 9”

to 16”

large: fits neck size between 13”to 24”. 

Clip on and adjustable accessories for pets

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